A Record Year from BMW's Largest Plant

411,171. That is the number of X Model vehicles BMW Manufacturing produced last year at the manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. According to, this is the largest record annual production, the second 400,000+ production year—beating the first one by over 2,000 units—and makes the South Carolina plant the largest by volume of BMW Group global production network. 

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BMW Reveals North America Management Change

The BMW Group has made some changes in its North America office. On Aug. 1, Charles Silva assumed the role of regional Vice President of the Western region. After spending years in Woodcliff Lake boosting the company’s customer orientation, satisfaction, brand loyalty, and operations, Silva transitioned to the Western region to head up the sales and marketing department. No stranger to the luxury car powerhouse, Silva joined the team 24 years ago as an information technology project manager and helped launch the...

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BMW Changes Up Leadership in Munich

BMW Group is switching things up.

On Sept. 1, Dick Arnold handed over the reins to Alexander Bilgeri, who took over as Vice President of technology and sports communications at the luxury automotive brand’s headquarters in Munich, Germany. In June, Arnold was named Vice President of product management BMW i and e-Mobility. Before heading up his new position, Bilgeri was previously the Vice President for communications in the Americas region.

“We are always sorry to see communications colleagues with whom we work so closely move on to new positions and challenges within...
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Special BMW i8 Features Available in Other BMW Models

The groundbreaking BMW i8 technologies that BMW enthusiasts have come to know and love are now available across the BMW lineup.

These Features Include:
  • Adaptive LED headlights
  • Full-color head-up display
  • Surround view camera system
  • Night vision
  • Connected Drive apps
  • BMW Efficient Dynamics

In today’s connected world it can be harder than ever to keep your eyes on the road. If you’re not distracted by your iPhone ringing or the familiar ding that announces when you’ve received a text, maybe you’re fiddling with the radio or trying to navigate your smartphone for directions.

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BMW’s 1930s Dream Sports Car Is Now a Real Concept Car

BMW has taken nearly a century-old sports car concept from the 1930s and made it into a reality with the BMW 328 Homage concept car.



The car, which looks like it could easily star in any futuristic movie or TV show, is a designer’s dream. Through the use of systemic lightweight construction, aerodynamic lines, optimum engine types and topnotch suspension technology, the 1930s dream car stayed true to what BMW stands for today.

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Categories: Falls Head-Over-Heels for Feisty 2016 BMW M2


When an all-new sports coupe, eager to make a name for itself, manages to make an experienced car critic giggle like a schoolchild, well ... that's probably a good sign.


Such is the story of Features Editor Sami Haj-Assaad, and his first encounter with the 2016 BMW M2. Witness his horsepower-induced hysterics in the clip below:

To be clear: we don't in any way blame Mr. Assaad for his response to the M2; its turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine tends to have that type of effect on folks.


Boasting a behemoth 365 horsepower and 343 pound-feet…

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